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Dyno service

ST-Autosport is equipped with a 2WD Dynostar dyno.

We can measure up to 1500hp / 1600Nm.

We can brake (for mapping) up to 1000hp.

Our dyno is equipped with the frenelsa f 16-160 eddy current brake.

The dyno is also equipped with a speed sensor and load sensor, EOBD interface, Wideband O2 sensor, boost sensor and weather station for barometric correction.
We can also MEASURE drivetrain losses, so NO GUESSING what engine power your car has.

We have 4 HD fans for optimal cooling + exhaust gas evacuation.

Knock ears and Plex V2 visual + logging interface.

For pricing , dyno runs or dyno rent, check our Pricing page.


* Cars must be in full working condition before mapping showing no defaults or problems, extra time needed to do trouble shooting before mapping will be charged at 65/hour + tax 21%.

* Cars need to be brought to us fully filled up with petrol 98ron.

* Check ALL fluids before you bring the car: engine oil, gearbox oil, diff oil, brake and clutch fluid, coolant.

* Check for fluid leaks, its best to fix them or get them fixed by us prior to mapping, oil leaks and fuel leaks can lead to FIRE.

* It is advisable to bring a full spec sheet of your car, listing all the parts that are on it, and also what oil type and thickness you used.

* Check spark plugs before bringing your car unless otherwise told.

* Check that your electrical system works flawless, alternator, battery, grounds, ...VERY IMPORTANT!

* If your battery is almost dead, replace prior to mapping! a bricked ecu, due to bad battery is the responsability of the client, this is a lack of good maintenance.

* Check alignment before mapping, and make sure the tires are in GOOD condition to prevent tire blowout on the dyno....

* Make sure the tow hooks (chassis or removable hooks) are accessible to allow proper tydown on the dyno.

* IF you have questions, please ask them before, they might bring up important details needed for mapping or safety.

* Extra downtime of your car due to imperfections, reparations needed, etc are the responsability of the client, we can not be held responsible for the state of your car, nor are we responsible for providing a spare car or other arrangements.


** Check all previous points noted in section "*"

** We strap down your car and start up the dyno, we run the car on the dyno and do 3 back to back runs.


*** Check all previous points noted in section "*"

*** We strap down your car and start up the dyno and tell you how to use it, after this you are on your own, if you require technical backup or help in dyno operation, this will be charged at 65/hour + tax 21%. Backup in mapping, this will be charged at 69/hour.

*** You do the mapping, you run the dyno, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for safety/material and work carried out.

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