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We offer quite a lot of different services to our customers, dealers, supplyers,... so here we give you a short description of what we can do for you!
All our work is focussed and aimed at Japanese Sport Cars, or cars that have JDM engines in it.

  • Engine building and development

During our initial learning process trough the years we evolved from just adding basic performance upgrades to existing engines, to designing and fabricating one-off parts and parts we can actually sell to our customers. From here we made the step to build engines with upgrade parts to meet any goal and applycation.
Our motto, if you want it, we can build it!

  • Engine mapping & Chip Tuning (OBDII & BDM)

With my background as a computer programmer (actual software writing) i made the step to car electronics, engine management and mapping.
We can map almost every available engine management system on the market today!
We can also do OBD mapping and actual chiptuning of the stock ecu chip (ROM tuning) of most cars.
Examples of ECU's we can map for you:
- Adaptronic (we are the Belgian dealer for Adaptronic! )
- Apexi Power FC and SAFC
- Link G3, G4, G4+ and Plugin ecu's
- Vi-Pec I44 and I88
- AEM EMS, EMS2 and Infinity
- Halltech ecu's
- MAP ecu's
- Greddy emanage ecu's (however we do not rate them high)
- Hondata
- NisTune
- Pectel
- Magneti Marelli
- Syvecs
- ProEfi
- Autronic
- EcuTek
- Uprev / Osiris
- OpenFlash Tablet (with our own custom maps including turbo and supercharger maps)
- We also do mapping of Subaru, Mitsubischi, Mazda and Nissan mapping of stock ecu's trough the use off OBD mapping, opensource, with our own custom maps on the fly.

We also can deliver Tuningbox' for most DIESEL and modern petrol engines! plug and play!

  • Dyno

We have an in-house 2WD Dynostar chassis dyno, capable of 1500hp / 1600Nm.
With the Frenelsa F16-160 we can brake 1000hp for mapping purposes.

Our dyno is equipped with wideband, pressure sensors, weather station, EOBD module, magnetic RPM pickup, load and speed sensors, knock ears and Plex knock monitor for visual knock detection and logging.
To cool everything we have 2 mobile fans and 2 big wall mounted fans and also exhaust gas evacuation system.
An HD cam tops off for run registration (youtube).

  • Engine diagnostics

Warning lights on your dashboard? No power? Struggling or hesitating engine?
We can read , diagnose and repair any problems with your engine using the latest OBD and CAN interfaces.
We are specialists in engine dianosis for DIESEL , PETROL and HYBRID engines! (Toyota Certified Hybrid Technician!)
We can also reset any warning lights or annoying service interval lights appearing on your self maintained car.

  • Racecar development

We design, develop and build any purpose build racecar you want! Our specialisation is drift, time attack and rally cars, but we also did GT racecars, dakar 4x4, trackday specials and drag cars in the past!
Full on racecar or convert your road going car into track ready power missile, we can build almost annything depending on your goals! We strongly advise you to take a look in our "Portfolio" section to give an idea what we can do for you!

  • Engine swaps

We can swap any engine in any chassis (providing the chassis is big enough for the engine it receives).
We do regular Toyota engine swaps like the 2JZ-GTE, 3S-GTE, 3S-GE, 4A-GE 20V, 2GR, 1UZ, 2UZ, 2ZZ-GE, 1AZ, 2AZ, FA20 ...
We do regular Nissan engine swaps like RB26, RB25, VQ35, SR20DET, VK56 and VK45, ...
We do regular Subaru engine swaps like EJ20, EJ22, EJ25, FA20
For Mitsubishi the 4G63, 6G7 and 4B11
For Honda the B16, B18, B20, H22, K20, K24, F20, F22, C30A, C32B, J35, J37
For mazda the BPT, BPD, MZR L3-VDT, 13B, 20B

  • Part development

We develop our own products when we need one-off parts and keep them to get produced 'on-order', we do not stock large quantities of our products.
We can design, develop and produce products for your car, or your company if you want to sell products.
Parts we make on regular basis are: exhaust systems, manifolds, strut and chassisbraces, all sorts of cans and boxes (catchcans and stuff), battery boxes,airboxes, .... we can make products in steel, stainless steel, inconel, aluminium, chrome molybdenum, carbon fibre, ...

  • Chassis setup and tuning

With our experience on the race track and rally course, we know how to setup a cars suspension to get the best performance from it and get the car to handle just the way you want it to do!
From coilover setting to alignment and suspension arm setup, bushings, pilow ball mounts and anti roll bar adjustment, depending on application.

  • Part supply

Apart from our own brand and productline, we offer quite a lot of other brands and their productranges:
- Link Ecu
- Vi-Pec
- Syvecs
- Apexi
- EBC Brakes
- COMETIC gaskets
- POWER Filter
- OBP Motorsport
- MOMENTUM performance
- CZP-Autoparts
- SHOWOFF Imports
- ARK Design
- Turbo's Hoet
- Garrett
- Precision
- Borg Warner
- Kraftwerks
- Skunk2
- Alpha
- OpenFlash Performance
- Cusco
- Tomei
- ...

  • Maintenance

We can maintain your race car, personal sports car, track day car, ...
From general oil change to spark plugs and belts, clutch changes, head gaskets, to brake, suspension and transmission maintenance. Anything you want done to your car actually.

  • Race event technical backup

We offer our clients the service of technical backup op race events, trackdays, road trips, ....
Rally stage service, trackday follow up, or even driving coaching, ... everything is possible!


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